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Over the past few weeks, our world has been turned upside down by the Coronavirus outbreak. As gyms and studios remain closed, I realize that many of us are dependent on the outdoors to get fit.  However, even though Glisten is rooted in outdoor training, we are not an exception to this rule. As a non-essential business, we need to honor the recommendations of both the CDC and our New Jersey state officials and delay full operation. Our vigilance in the endeavor is essential.  

As we look forward, we do not have an estimate about when our official launch will be and what it will look like.  We remain committed to communications so we can get fit outside - TOGETHER - as soon as possible.   

If you don't already, make sure to follow us on Facebook @glistengetfitoutside & Instagram #glistengetfitoutside 

We are finding new ways to redeem this time.  As a family we have been staying on top of distance learning, tackling overdue projects at home, working on projects outside, making memories and creating Tik Toks (of course).  I have been holding my ears as each of our four kids works to perfect the instrument of their choosing (including drums!). I am learning more about yoga as well as stand up paddle board and catching up on some reading. In the latest Character Lab blog post, Angela Duckworth, author of Grit, shares Isaac Newtons' experience as a student in isolation during the bubonic plague.  Newton himself said that the shutdown freed him from the pressures of the curriculum and led to the best intellectual years of his life. WOW. Think about how this applies to all of us right now. 

With that in mind, how will will you #redeemthistime 

I have found that when I focus on what I can control, I am empowered and encouraged.   A good ride, run, hike, yoga session or fetch with the dog can help remedy the monotony of the day. I challenge you to go beyond the monotony.  Here are a few resources that you could tap into at home in order to get fit.

So, join me in keeping others safe by keeping wide personal space, buckle your seat belt, hug your kids, wash your hand (a lot) and find a way to #glistengetfitoutside

Soon my friends,

Kym Stone and the Glisten crew

Stay connected with us on Facebook @glistengetfitoutside & Instagram

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