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Paul chose Kym in their freshman year of college and asked her out for hot water. Kym said yes, and never looked back. Over the years they went on adventures, took risks and poured their lives into meaningful work. Their biggest achievements came in the births of their four children. As their kids grew, Paul and Kym had a desire to give them the joy that comes with working the land and surrounding themselves with nature. Paul, a transplant from Montana, began looking for ground in southern New Jersey to give his family a touch of his childhood. 


After a relentless Zillow search, Paul and Kym jumped in their truck one hot, humid Sunday afternoon in July 2018 and ended up in an overgrown dirt parking lot with some folks concluding a day of paintball.


They rounded the corner and Kym’s jaw dropped when her eyes captured the most breathtaking, tree-lined lake. She began to dream of the change and growth that could occur against such a backdrop. 


Paul and Kym made an offer on the land and their bid was accepted only to have the deal fall through. They were heartbroken. But two weeks later an unexpected phone call paved the way for them to purchase the property – and a further look showed them the land was beyond what they could have imagined.



As they spent more time at the lake, they noticed that whenever the sun was out, it was impossible to miss the light glistening on the water. One day Kym jumped in. Swam down. Flipped over, submerged. She looked up toward the sky. The sunlight was glistening in the gentle ripples of water above her head. She had found her place. A place to connect with oneself and nature. A place to listen. A place to glisten. We invite you to come glisten.



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