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Zippy Zebra inflatable stand up paddle boards are among the best on the market. Here are the deets: They stand 10’6” inches tall with a sturdy comfortable 32” wide foam top (6” depth) with a narrow nose for zipping through the water. The boards come fully equipped with 1 air pump, 1 repair kit, 1 leash, 1 traditional FSC pin style removable fin (two smaller fixed fins), an adjustable paddle and a sturty bag (backpack). Zippy Zebra paddle boards are ready for cruising, floating, and exploring. Zippy Zebra boards pack down into their custom back so that you can easily take them anywhere! 

Zippy Zebra Paddle Board (new in box)

SKU: 2
  • The Zippy Zebra paddle board can be picked up at Glisten Fit in Winslow, NJ at a pre-agranged time. Youwill be contnacted to set up the time. 

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